Guiding Principles

These principles guide our work in order to best serve our clients, neighborhoods and community.

Commitment: We make commitments to care for our clients and then live up to them.  We do what we say we are going to do every time.

Integrity: We believe in and practice the Golden Rule.  In all of our dealings we strive to be friendly and courteous, as well as fair, honest, and compassionate.

Respect: We respect all individuals and believe those who are treated with respect and given responsibility always respond by giving their best.

Fun: Work is an important part of life, but we must laugh and have fun.

Stewardship: We manage the funders’ resources with vigilance to ensure we achieve the greatest possible return for their investment.

Sense of Urgency: We feel a sense of urgency on all matters related to our clients and the organization.  We take ownership of problems and are always responsive.  We are client-driven and have a sincere desire for our clients’ success.

Trust: We develop long-term relationships by earning the confidence of our clients, funders, partners and donors in the integrity, reliability and fairness of our organization.

Empathy: We strive to understand what is best for our clients and each other.  It is essential in creating a compassionate, supportive environment.

Success: We clearly understand and commit to our mission and goals to help those people who need help.  Success is measured not only in good outcomes, but in client satisfaction.

Servanthood: We commit to serve our clients and community.  We are first and always servants sharing our time, our talents and our possessions.

Empowerment: We understand that only empowered people can reach their full potential.  We, therefore, are empowered to take responsibility, implement change, and take credit for successes.