Forgiveness Held Open a Door to a Richer Life,
and Tommie Casey Walked Through It

    OSAT Mentor Tommie Casey has a gift for speaking from the  heart. 

    When he enters a room these days, people notice the way he carries himself. When he starts to tell his personal story, they stop shifting in their seats and become attentive. Afterward, they come up to meet him, shake his hand, or give him a hug. His account of wretchedness, redemption, and service to others has brought some of his listeners to tears.  

   “I come from a good home, with a good upbringing,” Tommie says. “But starting in high school, peer pressure kicked in, and I allowed myself to be introduced to freebase cocaine. That took me to a lifestyle that I never saw coming. I did not see it coming..”

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“I’m helping them, but they’re helping me, too. Any time I think about someone besides myself, I’m being helped to a richer life.”


By giving a few hours of your time each month,
YOU too can make a difference in someone's life . . .

Are you at least 21 years of age with a positive outlook on life?  Are you dependable, non-judgmental, a good listener, open-minded and supportive?  Do you have a strong desire to help others achieve their full potential and bring them hope and encouragement when hope is needed? If you answered YES to these questions, you have the makings of a good One Step at a Time (OSAT) mentor!

Step One: Review the Mentor Position Description
Step Two: Complete a Mentor Application and Interview
Step Three: Attend Mentor Training
Step Four: Get matched with a Mentee
Ongoing: Track activities with Mentee on Mentor Time Log

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